Kitchen and bathroom remodeling


Kitchen and bathroom remodeling services

Welcome to CIC Floors, where we specialize in transforming your kitchen and bathroom into the spaces of your dreams. Our expert team is dedicated to providing high-quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, ensuring your home not only looks stunning but also enhances your lifestyle. From stylish kitchen cabinets to luxurious bathroom vanities, we cover every aspect to make your bathroom and kitchen remodeling journey seamless and enjoyable.

Kitchen cabinets: elevating style and functionality


The heart of your kitchen lies in its cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are not just storage solutions but also define the aesthetics of your space. We offer a wide range of kitchen cabinet designs, from classic to contemporary, ensuring they align with your personal style and the overall theme of your home. Our kitchen cabinets are crafted from high-quality materials, offering durability and functionality. Choose from numerous finishes and colors to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen countertops: durable beauty

Countertops play a pivotal role in your kitchen's appearance and usability. Our selection includes granite, quartz, marble, and more, each offering unique benefits. Whether you want the elegance of marble or the durability of quartz, we have the perfect countertop to meet your needs and budget. Our kitchen remodeling crew will guide you through the selection process, ensuring your kitchen countertops are not only beautiful but also practical for your cooking and lifestyle needs.




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Kitchen backsplash: adding character and protection


A kitchen backsplash is more than just a protective barrier against spills and splatters; it's a canvas to express your style. Our range includes various materials like ceramic tiles, glass, and natural stone, each capable of adding a unique touch to your kitchen. From bold patterns to subtle textures, we help you choose the perfect backsplash that complements your countertops and cabinets.

Kitchen flooring: foundation of style and durability

The right flooring can transform the entire look of your kitchen. We provide various flooring options, such as tile, laminate, tile, and vinyl, each offering distinct advantages in terms of aesthetics, durability, and maintenance. Our kitchen remodeling team will help you select the best flooring that suits your kitchen's style and your family's needs, ensuring a perfect blend of beauty and functionality.


Bathroom vanity: a touch of elegance


Your bathroom vanity is not just a functional element; it's a statement piece that defines the room's character. We offer a diverse range of vanities in different sizes, styles, and finishes. Whether you're looking for a single vanity for a small bathroom or a double vanity for a more spacious feel, we have the options to suit your style and functional requirements.

Shower remodel: your personal oasis

Transform your shower into a personal oasis with our shower remodeling services. From simple updates to complete overhauls, we provide a range of options, including walk-in showers, frameless glass enclosures, and customized tiling. Our bathroom remodeling team works closely with you to design a shower remodel that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but also offers a luxurious and relaxing experience.

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling in  Norcross, GA from CIC Floors

Bathroom flooring: blending style with durability

Bathroom flooring needs to be both stylish and capable of withstanding moisture. Our selection includes ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, and waterproof vinyl options. Each material offers unique benefits, ensuring you find the perfect match for your bathroom's style and your practical needs. Our bathroom remodeling experts will guide you in choosing a floor that is as durable as it is beautiful, completing the look of your remodeled bathroom.

Your experts on bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Norcross, GA

At CIC Floors, we believe that your kitchen and bathroom should reflect your personal style while offering the highest level of functionality. Our kitchen and bathroom remodeling team is committed to providing exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. Our showroom in Norcross, GA, serves Alpharetta, GA, Sandy Springs, GA, Brookhaven, GA, Johns Creek, GA, Cumming, GA, and Metro Atlanta, GA. Visit us today and start your journey towards the home of your dreams.